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    Kale gwe Hajati..Tukokonye!


    Am stubborn ,crazy ,funny lady but wise I can’t talk shit on some1 I have been with for along time….Mummy yankuza bubi ebinyiza binkaabya !!.????


    ?? amatho kulutimbe guno omulembe, omulembe guno atalina Data onakilaba ??? eno Free Uganda enyuma!! NZE sigivako walai


    Da best way 2 keep ur Relationship safe is silence ??!! Dats why I always say dat he is da best in all ,no mata wat! ?


    When you really love? someone age, distance , manners, weight ,hight are just numbers…,they all mean Nothing….


    These Lads will make any Ugandan Lass a Happy Girl…